Church Workers

These resources for church workers in the LCMS Northern Illinois District will help you stay informed, connected and energized for ministry. Especially, you are encouraged to get to know your district president and your district's Mission Facilitators, and stay in touch with them.

President Dan Gilbert is your contact for ordained minister issues and critical incidents.

Mike Zimmer is your contact for schools and commissioned minister issues.

Rev. Mike Mast is your first contact for New Starts…New Believers.

Rev. Keith Haney provides assistance to congregations calling ordained workers.

Please update your district contact information (use our fill-in PDF) any time you change your email, address, phone, or place of employment. Note: This is in addition to any roster changes that may be required.

The LCMS Northern Illinois District works together with the LCMS Ohio District in a partnership called CoachAdvance. Coaches meet one-on-one (often by phone) for a specified period of time to help a church worker develop in his or her ability to set and accomplish ministry goals. Coaches work across the two districts so that there is a wide selection of available assistance.