NID Mission Facilitators provide direct services to congregations of the district


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Mike Zimmer

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More than 220-plus congregations and mission sites of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod comprise the Northern Illinois District, spanning 24 counties in the northern one-third of Illinois. The combined membership of these congregations is 127,000 believers in Jesus. View Map of Churches. View page with all Directories and Maps

Mission Focus: New Starts...New Believers

Churches of the LCMS Northern Illinois District together focus their energy and resources on a local mission movement we call New Starts...New Believers. Through encouragement and collaboration we help each other do new starts, new outreach initiatives, to build relationships with and welcome new believers from our communities.  

While new believers are solely the work of the Holy Spirit, new starts are very much an important work of the church. They are one area in our ministries where new believers are more consistently found and thus an important focus for our work together in local missions.

Every district congregation is challenged to start at least one new thing to reach people in its community who were previously beyond the impact and reach of the congregation.

If you would like to discuss reviving mission in your congregation, please contact one of the following NID Mission Facilitators:




The LCMS Northern Illinois District in partnership with the LCMS Ohio District helps individual church workers develop in their vocation through one-on-one coaching. Learn about CoachAdvance on their website.

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Life Ministry - Rev. David Bottorff is your LCMS District Life Coordinator. He will help bring education and action on life issues to district congregations.

Parish Nurse Ministry – The district's Parish Nurse Network connects with parish nurses serving in a growing number of district congregations and meets monthly.

Stewardship Ministry - Ongoing stewardship teaching is necessary for a healthy church. Check these resources.