District LCEF


Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is a national servant partner of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod providing investments, loans and support services for ministry. The district team members for LCEF are committed to New Starts...New Believers and multiplying believers by multiplying churches and their ministry of Word and Sacraments.

Serving People

The local LCEF team is here to assist you (individually, as an LCMS ministry, or as a business with strong Lutheran ties) in accessing the full range of LCEF services for your investments and growth as a steward of the Lord's resources, including

  • Investment Options and Current Rates
  • Loans for Rostered Church Workers
  • StewardAccount financial services
  • Young Investor Club
  • Joyful Response online giving services

Expanding Ministries

Your local LCEF team is ready to assist you in accessing the full range of services for growing and expanding LCMS congregations, schools and ministries, including

  • Capital Funding Services
  • Grow Your Community Grants within the district - LCEF is able to use fiscal year end operating results to offer up to three $1,000 Grow Your Community grants to congregations, schools and other LCMS organizations within the Northern Illinois District (NID). Print application
  • Kaleidoscope Grants, a national LCEF competitive program 
  • Strategic Planning for Ministry
  • Ministry Loan Services
  • Motivating Grace-Response Giving
  • Multiplying Volunteers for Ministry
  • Understanding Your Community with Demographic Reports

Contact LCEF

If you have any questions, you may learn more by contacting the Northern Illinois District LCEF Vice President Vanda Toner, at 708-223-3117 or email  or at  facebook.com/lcef.nid. Visit the national LCEF website.


Resources from LCEF



   Church Worker Loans

   Ministry Support



   Loans for LCMS Ministries

   Ministry Support