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District Member Churches and Schools

Member organizations of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod’s Northern Illinois District are located within the 24 counties of northern Illinois.

  • Congregations listed and mapped by region and circuit – Listing of district member congregations grouped by circuit and region, including circuit visitors and regional vice presidents – with separate maps for each region and for each circuit (2015-2018).
  • NEW, EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2018 – new circuits and regions assigned to congregations by action of March 2017 Special Convention and the resulting pastor circuit changes.

Congregations by 2018 circuits/regions (PDF)

Pastors listed by 2018 circuits/regions (PDF) Updated 3/5/2018

Pastors listed alphabetically with their 2018 circuit/regions (PDF) Updated 3/5/2018

NOTE: Pastor assignments are tentative based on spring 2017 locations – please contact the district office if you have a question or want to note an error. Pastor circuits are usually based by location of LCMS employer — if not applicable, then by home congregation or home address.

  • Synod regions – View borders and member districts within LCMS regional districts established following 2010 Synod Convention. (PDF map)
  • Synod-wide locator – Access locator on Synod’s website to help you find a Lutheran church, church worker or Lutheran school close to you.

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Maps with Contact Information:

All district congregations

All Lutheran schools in northern Illinois – Click color code at bottom to view schools of only one category