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Dan Gilbert

Rev. Dan Gilbert

The LCMS Northern Illinois District is 220-plus congregations and mission sites of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, spanning 24 counties in the northern one-third of Illinois. President Dan P. Gilbert is leading the LCMS Northern Illinois District with a strategy for New Starts...New Believers. Why? He tells us in his own words:

"While always acknowledging that it is God who makes new believers through the work of the Holy Spirit in Word and Sacraments, he has chosen to use us in this process. What a privilege! We find new believers in larger numbers in new starts than in existing ministries, which makes new starts a top priority for what 220-some congregations should be focusing on as we walk together.”

The president's office also provides support services to church workers and congregations. Please contact this office:

  • When questions arise regarding doctrine and practice
  • When there is a pastoral vacancy in a congregation
  • When assistance is needed with parish conflict management
  • When a change requires updating a church worker's official record

Tools for vacancy in a congregation

Call Process Manual PDF - Forms and guidelines for calling a pastor; Word Document

Purchase of Temporary Pastoral Services (PDF) - Updated February 2016

Supply Pastor List

Calling and Hiring Resource Library - Complete list of resources

President's Commentary

Past articles by President Gilbert for reprinting and sharing. Originally published in The Northern Light newspaper.

False Statements About Pastors November/December 2016

(Pastor Gilbert did not write a September/October commentary)

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Definition of Madness - March/April 2015

Breaking Through - January/February 2015


Helpful Information

NEW: Protecting Your Ministry (LCMS PDF)

Information on Marriage Policies (LCMS PDF)

Annual Mission Report (PDF)

District Bylaws (PDF)

LCMS Handbook (PDF)

Pastor Conferences

Update NID Contact Information (Fill-in PDF)

2015 District Convention Proceedings (PDF)

Circuit Bible Studies (on LCMS Website)


Pastor Certification by Colloquy: PoliciesApplication

Vicar Forms, Pastor SET (hosted on MNS District website)