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Church/School Employees

Background checks:

Concordia Plan Services (website)

Employee Morals Policy (PDF) LCMS

Illinois Child Bereavement Leave Act 2016 (PDF)

Fair Labor Overtime Rules for Day Care and Preschools (PDF)

Personnel Resources (website) LCMS for job descriptions, performance appraisal, legal, financial, etc.

Reduction in Force (PDF) LCMS School Ministry 2010

Crisis Prevention / Management:

Active Shooter, How to Respond (PDF) U.S. Homeland Security

FEMA – Developing High Quality Emergency Plans for Churches; for Schools

Large-scale illness: preparing in advance (PDF) LCMS World Relief

LERT (Lutheran Early Response Teams) (website) Lutheran Church Charities training and deployment

Natural Disaster Response – contact Lutheran Church Charities,  866-455-6466.

Risk Management and Insurance – see LCMS Congregation Treasurer’s Manual

Church Administrator Resources:

Scroll also under School Administrator, Employment, Calling, etc.

AED Administrative Procedure / Automatic External Defibrillator (PDF)

Church Administration (website) LCMS

Concordia Plan Services (website)

Congregational Offering Form 2018 (PDF)

Congregational Offering/Payment Online Webpage

Constitutions and Bylaws of Lutheran Congregations (PDF) LCMS Guidelines 2012

Federal Labor Law required posters (website)

Financial Aid Form Church Work Students (PDF) deadlines June 30, December 31

Grant Applications – NID Endowment (PDF) deadline April 15; New Starts…New Believers submit inquiry

Group Purchasing Agreement for LCMS churches, schools (website)

Marriage Policies for LCMS Member Congregations (PDF) LCMS 2016

Mileage Rate IRS 2017 (PDF)

Mileage Rate IRS 2018 (PDF)

Property Tax Exemption Changes (PDF) NID legal update 2008

Protecting Your Ministry Legal Guidelines (PDF) LCMS 2016

Remittance Voucher 2017 (PDF)

RSO organizations in NID (page link)

Social Media Guidelines for Writing Policies (PDF) NID sample

Treasurers’ Manual (website) LCMS

Unemployment Insurance for Churches-Schools (PDF) NID 2010

School Administrator Resources:

Scroll also under Church Administrator, Employment, Calling, etc.

Anti-Bullying Policy – sample Zion School, Marengo (PDF)

Governing Manual for Lutheran Schools (PDF)

Group Purchasing Agreement (website) LCMS

Hearts for Jesus (page link)

Illinois School Health (website)

Mentor/Teacher Handbook (PDF) NID new teacher induction program

Planning Checklist for Administrators (PDF)

RSO organizations in NID (page link) potential chapel sources

Sales Tax on School Fundraisers (PDF)

Wellness Policy: Steps for Schools (PDF) – NID template sample (Word doc)