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What people ask most often

Who do I talk to about finding a PASTOR or PULPIT SUPPLY?

See our published “supply pastor” list to help staff a vacancy, or contact the district president’s office to begin the call process, 708-223-3101 or president@nidlcms.org.

Who handles anything related to a district LUTHERAN SCHOOL?

Email our education office or call 708-223-3116.

Who do I talk to about FILLING CHURCH POSITIONS other than teachers or pastors?

Email our education office or call 708-223-3116. This office works with all commissioned workers.

Email our communications office to inquire about posting position openings in district ministries, free of charge, in our twice-monthly email, the NID Email newsletter. This is a helpful way to get your position opening into the hands of lay people. (We also share these on the district’s LinkedIn group.)

Where can I find PASTOR CONFERENCE information?

Pastors in the district attend two required conferences each year, the General Pastors Conference in the spring and their individual Regional Pastors Conference in the fall. Information is posted on this website’s home page for the General Pastors Conference as it becomes available, and is posted in the Parish Resource Connection. Also check the General Pastors Conference page and the Regional Pastor Conferences page under the Church Workers tab. Email our communications office to request subscription to the emailed Parish Resource Connection.

Who provides assistance with HUMAN CARE needs or DISASTER RESPONSE?

You are encouraged to email Lutheran Church Charities, which functions as the human care arm of the district, or call them at 866-455-6466.

Does the district do anything in LIFE MINISTRY?

The district LCMS Life Ministry Task Force promotes the value of God’s gift of life at all ages and stages. Contact NID’s appointed Life Ministry Coordinator Rev. Craig Meissner via email.

Where can I find out about PARISH NURSES in this district?

Parish nurses and congregational health ministries collaborate locally in the NID Parish Nurse Network and internationally through Lutheran Parish Nurses International (LPNI). To learn about meetings and educational programs, email Pat Couch RN, of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Country Club Hills, Illinois.

Does the district do anything in YOUTH MINISTRY?

Youth ministers (staff and volunteer) attend the NID Parish Professionals group for personal growth and sharing. Direct specific questions to Lois Stewart on the district staff. Contact our communications office (708-223-3114) to request to be added to the Parish Professionals email list.

An annual district-wide senior high youth gathering is hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, Illinois. A junior high youth gathering is hosted by Immanuel Lutheran Church in Belvidere, Illinois. And Walcamp Outdoor Ministry Center offers confirmation retreats, junior high weekends, and a senior high ski retreat in Wisconsin. Information is shared via district communications. Email our communications office to subscribe to Parish Resource Connection and the Parish Professionals e-newsletter.

Does the district keep any records for genealogy research?

While there are a few historical records at the district office, most are sent on to Concordia Historical Institute in St. Louis. To inquire about records from NID congregations and schools that are now closed, please email our district archivist. If the ministry is still active, contact them directly.

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