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Annual Appeal 2019

In 1952, faithful Christians gathered to set the cornerstone for what would become Resurrection Lutheran Church in Chicago’s Princeton Park neighborhood. For decades the church, its pastors, and members have ministered to thousands of families in the community. Countless baptisms, worship services, and social events provided individuals opportunities to learn about their Savior.

Over the years the congregation has remained focused on the same mission.

But how they carry it out now . . . is different.

Their neighborhood has changed from the time when the families were African American GIs returning from serving in World War II. Today, the families that surround the church represent new opportunities to impact lives and share Jesus in all His fullness.

Resurrection, and many other congregations in urban and rural settings in Northern Illinois, are engaging their communities to bring truth in Christ to broken lives. They meet needs and share the Gospel in new and exciting ways.

Earlier this year, the Northern Illinois District assisted Resurrection Lutheran with their call to Pastor Matthew Schettler, a new graduate of our Seminary in Fort Wayne. Upon his installation at the end of June, members had not yet begun preparations for Vacation Bible School this year.

Pastor Schettler said, “Let’s do this!” With limited time and resources they launched an evening Vacation Bible School. That first night, four children attended. By the final evening fourteen enthusiastic children were present to learn about Jesus. The congregation can’t wait to reach even more children next year!

Pastor Schettler is young, maturing, and fulfilling his call. He walks the neighborhood in his clerical collar to see, and to be seen. He wants people in the community to know that Resurrection is anxious to help those in need.

The Northern Illinois District continues to support Hispanic ministry through Enviando. Pastor Johnson also is cultivating a broader concept of ethnic ministries. Pastor Johnson says, “Ethnic ministry is about intentionally working toward the realization of God’s desire that ‘all people be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth’”. (1 Timothy 2:4)

How can you help?

We invite you to participate in helping to expand ethnic ministry. Our workers, congregations, schools and the laity of NID are committed to do the work our Savior has given us. What Christ gives us to do, HE blesses! What a joy to see new opportunities and to commit ourselves to what He has been doing among us for many years.

New Mission and Vision

The new Mission and Vision for the LCMS Northern Illinois District moves forward after a time of prayer and discernment with the input of more than 200 individuals representing+ 100 of our congregations. We came together, united, to seek the answer to the question, “Who does Jesus say we are?”

Through these sessions, the messages were clear.

We need hope. Jesus is that hope.
There is a need to worship together. We are the Body of Christ.
Our people want to know how to share our faith. We are tasked with making disciples.
Laity want to be more engaged and connected with each other. We are in this together.

As a result of this messaging, our new mission and vision is now laid out:

Filled with living hope in Christ, Confessing, Praising,

and Advancing His Kingdom

This new mission will be carried forward based upon three pillars: Word, Wellness, and Witness which, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will support us in advancing His Kingdom. This new mission and vision also allow us to expand our partnership granting opportunities.

Learn more at nidnews.org/moving-forward-with-new-mission-and-vision.








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