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2020-2021 Heart for Jesus

The ‘Hearts for Jesus’ mission project this school year will be the new NID Belize Mission Project. Please plan to share this video with your students and plan to support this mission.

Feeding Kids Since 2009

  • 60-75 kids fed daily
  • Increased test scores
  • $1 a day feeds a child and pays for uniforms and registration
  • Protein enriched food Students identified by school administration
  • Employs 2 local woman who run the program
  • Changing the lives of the students and their families
  • The cost of 2 McDonald’s Happy Meals will feed one child for a week.

Make a Difference in a Life Today!

Watch for other resources to follow.

Download the attachment of the mission project information.

For information about this RSO visit www.lhfmissions.org.

Helpful information

For more information, please e-mail the district education office.